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Welcome to Bunny’s Jewelry.

Growing up around my Dad ‘s machines and being encouraged to experiment with them at an early age I found I loved it. Taking something apart or putting things together was my passion.

With no formal education in metal, but using trial and error method lots of interesting results developed.  I have been working with copper for about seven years and love all the variety of things you can do with it. My hobby started with making myself earrings. When all my friends wanted them, the next thing I knew my hobby was turning in to small business.

I chose copper to work with because copper is beautiful metal with many different faces.  It can be changed it so many different ways with different results each time.  I am continually learning and experimenting!

Wearing copper jewelry had been in use for its healing properties for thousands of years, dating back to Egypt, and Sumerian cultures.

Copper has many health benefits:

      • May potentially help relieve arthritis inflammation and pain.
      • Is an antioxidant and is needed for the production of collagen elastin by the body.
      • Cardiovascular health – if your levels of copper is low, it increases the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol.
      • Anti-aging effect – prevents free radicals and ions from creating a toxic environment in the body.
      • Prevents the onset of osteoarthritis and keeps nervous system in balance.
      • Anti-stress and boost production of hemoglobin in red blood cells.
      • Effective against anemia.
      • Aids in mineral adsorption.
      • Anti-bacterial – history of used to sterilized wound.
      • Protects your bones – by strengthening them.

I also make German Silver (Ni-Cop) bangle bracelet that sing. By that I mean when three or more are combined together, they sound like wind chimes.  This metal was originally used to make ship and church bells in the 1800’s so they have a beautiful sound when they are struck together. They look similar to silver with a copper undertone, but does not tarnish like silver and the more you wear them the prettier they become!

I hope you enjoy each handmade piece of jewelry.  It is designed to bring a little happiness into your life and a smile to your face.

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